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Thi Thai Hang

Secretary General Diplomatic Council

Thi Thai Hang Nguyen is the heart and the soul of the Diplomatic Council. She was born in Vietnam and spent her early childhood there. At the tender age of five, she was forced to escape her country due to the severe consequences of the war. She and her family were rescued by the German aid organization Cap Anamur and were given a new home in Germany where she lives since 1980. In her function as the Co-founder and Secretary-General of the Diplomatic Council, Mrs. Hang Nguyen’s core motivation is to bring together people from different countries, different cultures, different gender, and different religions in order to enhance diversity and intercultural relations. She connects diplomacy, business, and society to promote economic and social advancements, which are considered key factors to achieve peace and stability. She sits on the board of several non-for-profit organizations and has taken patronage for a number of social good activities, especially for child protection. Hang Nguyen is a regular speaker at international conferences including UN events in New York, Vienna, and Geneva.