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Sherihane Bensemmane

Public Health Researcher Belgium

Sherihane Bensemmane currently works at the Belgian Institute for Health as a Public Health Researcher. She holds master’s degrees in neuroscience, public health, and political science. She has extensive experience in both fundamental and applied research.

Previously, she worked as a scientific advisor at the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine and as a collaborator at the European Social Observatory.  In 2018, she participated in a cooperation project between Belgium and Bolivia, the study investigated barriers related to HPV screening and care delivery.

She is also an active member of several non-profit organizations in the field of women’s rights, sexual health, and migrant health. She is the Research and Repository Manager at the African Platform for Migration and Inclusion in Health (APMIH). She is an Executive Board Member at Aide Info SIDA, a grassroots non-profit organization involved in HIV/STI prevention that also provides support to people living with HIV.