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Sherif Elbarrad

Associate Dean - MacEwan University

Prof. Sherif Elbarrad is the Associate Dean at the School of Business, MacEwan University. He was previously the chair of the Accounting & Finance Department – BCOM program. He has been involved in teaching accounting at eight universities in Egypt, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Canada for more than 32 years at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

He was the chair of the Accounting department at three different Universities. Prof. Elbarrad is a Chartered Professional Accountant (Alberta), and an Associate Member of the Montana Society of Certified Public Accountants (USA). He has extensive professional experience in the field of financial and managerial accounting. He also developed and delivered several workshops in the field of accounting for executive managers in different countries.

Prof. Elbarrad received Teaching Excellence awards from different  Universities. He has developed numerous accounting courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at several Universities.

Prof. Elbarrad received both his BCOM (with distinction) and Master of Accounting degrees from Ain-Shams University in Egypt. He received his Ph.D. in Accounting through a joint program between Ain-Shams University in Egypt and the University of Cologne in Germany.

Prof. Elbarrad received the runner-up award for the Howard Teall Award. This award is offered by CAAA (The Canadian Academic Accounting Association). The Award “recognizes an individual who goes ‘above and beyond”’ to create original learning activities and to motivate students to pursue future learning opportunities and has a unique and innovative approach to accounting education.” He received this award for two successive years (2019, 2020).

Prof. Elbarrad had shared in peer-reviewing universities in both Canada and Saudi Arabia. Prof. Elbarrad has numerous publications. In addition to publishing research articles in reputable peer-reviewed journals, he has authored / co-authored several text-books for both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His latest publication is a Financial Accounting textbook with Pearson Publishers.