Sevda Gasimova

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Sevda Gasimova

Chief Humanitarian Officer

As the Chief Humanitarian Officer of HHERF, Sevda is responsible for leading the organization’s efforts to respond to humanitarian crises around the world. With extensive experience in humanitarian aid and disaster response, Sevda plays a critical role in identifying areas where HHERF can make a meaningful impact on the lives of people affected by crises. She works closely with the CEO and the leadership team to develop and implement humanitarian programs and initiatives that provide life-saving support to communities in crisis. Sevda is responsible for managing HHERF’s relationships with humanitarian organizations and other stakeholders, ensuring that our programs are coordinated and effective. With her expertise in humanitarian aid and disaster response, Sevda plays a critical role in helping HHERF to achieve its vision of making quality healthcare accessible to all, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Sevda is also is the Global Sales Director of the Zingali Acoustics and Director of Europe and Middle East office of Cuz Tech Inc. She has started her career at the Center for International and Strategic Studies at the age of 19 and worked in different sectors and responsibilities. She looks back at over eighteen years of experience in international relations and humanitarian interventions including policy development, programming, analytical and strategic planning, as well as resource mobilization with the UN (UN Migration Geneva, FAO HQ), the Civil Society Organizations, and has extensive experience with the private sector in the field of renewable energy, and Technology.


Sevda is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Yemen Rescue Organization, the Myway Aid Ghana, and the Geneva Nations Institute and actively supports innovative practices for development to a broader spectrum of issues and domains.

In the role of Chief Humanitarian Officer, along with her main responsibilities, she will help the team to develop strategies to meet fundraising goals, foster partnerships and utilize her extensive network to catalyze energies for knowledge sharing and cross-fertilization.

She holds a BA (Hons) Diploma in International Relations and a master’s degree in Human Development and Food Security. She is fluent in Azerbaijani, English, Italian, Turkish and Russian languages.

A dedicated mother of two daughters and currently residing in Rome, Italy she is passionate about helping others and an eager and enthusiastic team member.