Contact Info

Onno van der Galiën

Senior Research Consultant, Zilveren Kruis Achmea, NL

Onno is an experienced Senior Researcher with a background in economics (BSc) and epidemiology (master degree). He worked for more than 30 years for Insurance Companies in different roles. He started in the financial department and after 10 years moved to the Healthcare Purchasing Department.

Onno currently works for Zilveren Kruis Achmea, the largest health insurance company in the Netherlands. He has done lots of internal en external consultancy assignments on cost evaluation, quality of care, digital care and risk equalisation. He was involved in several international research projects. For instance in the Advocate project on improving oral health in 6 European country ’s. Besides the BigMedilitycs project, on improving healthcare in Europe through big data. Recently an international project started on machine learning with coupling data from different sources. They intent to  use novel techniques like federated learning and Multi Party Computation to couple data from hospitals and insurance company in a privacy preserving way.


He has contributed on more than 20 scienific papers. For example, he contributed to a research project lead by Harvard University where he did the Dutch analyses with Radboud University.The group analyzed spendings, utilization and outcomes for 12 Countries (USA, Australië, Germany etc.)  for Chronic Heart Failure and hip replacements. Onno was also involved as an observer in the Belgium – Netherlands Funding of International Trials (BeNeFIT Call).


As a diabetic type 1 patient (and father of a patient) he is highly interested in innovations in the treatment of diabetes.