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Omid Rahravani

Chief Technology Officer, HHERF

As the Chief Public Relations Officer of HHERF, Omid is responsible for managing the organization’s public image and reputation, and for building strong relationships with the media, the public, and other key stakeholders. With extensive experience in public relations and media management, Omid is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to promote HHERF’s mission and vision, and for raising awareness of our programs and initiatives. He works closely with the CEO and the leadership team to develop and implement public relations strategies that align with our overall mission and objectives. Omid is responsible for managing HHERF’s relationships with the media and other key stakeholders, ensuring that our messaging is consistent and aligned with our strategic priorities. With his expertise in public relations and media management, Omid plays a critical role in helping HHERF to achieve its vision of making quality healthcare accessible to all.

Omid Rahravani is also the CEO, and Founder of Fahad & Omid General Trading Company based in Kuwait since 2005. He is an American Iranian entrepreneur and an International Investor from Los Angeles, known as a goal-oriented dynamic business leader with over 25 years in business development with a long track of success in many regions of the World. His founding company has established a strong distribution network in the local and Middle Eastern markets working closely with international businesses to drive their sales, profit growth, and market share leadership in the Middle East, helping them reach their geographic expansion goals.

Omid Rahravani is also a major shareholder of MetaMedia Capital Inc a leading digital media and entertainment Los Angeles-based private equity providing expansion capital and buyout funding for businesses in growth sectors including Technology & Internet, Media & Entertainment. MetaMedia Capital focuses on exceptional high-growth SMEs, which are proven businesses becoming innovative international leaders and global challengers. MetaMedia Capital is a stage-agnostic development financier, their main mission is to analyze new investment opportunities, and finance expansion plans, acquisitions, and buyouts.

Omid Rahravani is also a trusted strategic advisor for very high-profile investors and members of Royal Families & Celebrities. In 2018 the Fahad & Omid General Trading company was contracted to be the trusted advisor for the Richardson-based company Prodea Systems Inc owned by the first female Muslim self-funded astronaut Anousheh Ansari who visited the International Space station. Anousheh Ansari is one of the richest Iranian Americans in the world with a net worth estimated at $750m, she is the CEO of XPRIZE Foundation and is known for her $10m competition that ignited a new era for commercial space flight.

Omid Rahravani has a passion for investing in startups, especially at the seed and growth stages.  He is recognized and trusted by International enterprises around the world and has been repeatedly featured in many international media outlets for brokering close to one billion dollars worth of technology contracts and having an estimated combined net worth valuation of 450 million dollars with his business partner Fahad Al Sufayeh who is related directly to the Crown Prince of Kuwait, Fahad Al Sufayeh is also the brother in law to a prominent Governor holding the ranking of Minister and is a Member of the Kuwait Royal Family.

Omid Rahravani started his career decades ago as a financial investment advisor at the prestigious Wall Street brokerage organization Morgan Stanley Wealth Management which has around 1.1 Trillion dollars of AUM. He was operating from the Morgan Stanley in New York and Miami Branch with a successful record in asset management, developing new business through highly innovative prospecting methods & closely coordinated team efforts.