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Michael Brosnan

Chief Executive Officer Vikela.Earth

A passionate humanitarian and conservationist, whose vision and past work have culminated in the launch of, an organization on a mission to drive a new generation of standards in research and conservation.

Michael spent 25 years in the corporate environment, 10 years in an environmental and business consulting role and a lifetime amongst researchers, academics, and conservation activists. With the United Nations proclamation of an “Ocean Decade,” Michael, through his work with, aims to stimulate, value, and integrate ocean research to deepen knowledge and work with policymakers and resource managers, to ensure policy and business decisions are based on science. To future-proof’s efforts, he understands that business and conservation must go hand in hand, this means technology-led, with international best practices and deep collaborations.

He seeks to evidence shortcomings and misunderstandings around conservation, particularly pertaining to how best to serve our global resources and identify opportunities across sectors, communities, and geographies. For Mike, it’s about challenging norms and finding more efficient alternatives, and establishing collective interventions rather than individual applications. This is why the partnership with HERFF is so important to and one in which he and the team are positive will help change our world health and oceans for good.