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Mazhar Awan

Chief Executive Officer - The Vision Trust

Dr. Awan is a consultant ophthalmologist with more than35 years of experience, back in year 2003, Dr. Awan decided to dedicate the remaining years of his professional life, full time to the service of the underprivileged majority of the community. As a humble start in 2004, he converted a donated two-bedroom first-floor apartment into an eye clinic and never ever had to look back thereafter. It took him about 12 years of perseverance to earn the donor confidence and patient satisfaction.

His humble endeavors continue to grow as of the date and fuel his passion to move forward and set new and advanced goalposts after everyone achieved, in spite of an episode of myelitis in past leaving him with a gradually increasing paraparesis and being wheelchair-bound for the last 10 years or so.

Dr. Mazhar’s contributions in the fight against Visual Loss and blindness in Pakistan, in line with the vision

He has been the engine of creating and delivering high-quality eye care available and accessible to all.

Drive: Dr. Mazhar Awan aims to rid the world of avoidable blindness and Visual Loss in line with IAPB/ WHO Vision 2020 Right-to-Sight Initiative and Global Action Plan (GAP) Integrated with People-Centered Eye Care (IPCEC).

Commitment: His physical impediment, by being in a wheelchair for the last 10 years or so following an episode of Myelitis is passed, didn’t hold him back from the relentless pursuit of his vision. In his own words “I have achieved more during this phase of disability than during able years.”

Quality of work: He worked hard to create, Khairun’nisa Eye Hospital and then got it certified for ISO 9001:2015 QMS. This was his way of ensuring the creation and delivery of quality service. He strongly feels it’s the right of all, regardless of paying power.

Milestones Achieved: He Initiated the School Health Program with the following unique attributes

Disease control: As of date, under his supervision, seen more than 73,000 patients, performed about 16,000 Cataract Surgeries, and counting. Countless outpatient diagnostic & therapeutic procedures, medicines, optical aids, major and minor surgical procedures were provided. About 70 % of the patients were treated Free Of Cost, while the remaining were charged the minimum possible amount on a not-for-profit basis.

Institution-building: HRD is THE only way forwards if we want to achieve any meaningful results in curtailing the prevalence of Visual Loss and blindness anywhere. Dr. Mazhar Awan, with his team, is developing a one-year internship program, aimed at capacity building of our optometry graduates. This is being launched under the umbrella of the Khairun’nisa Institute of Visual Sciences.

He firmly believes that targets of minimizing, let alone eliminating Visual Loss are possible through the provision of robust primary care infrastructure, accessible in the community.


  • Membership Ophthalmology – College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan 1991
  • MBBS – Sindh Medical College – University of Karachi – 1982.