Matt Mamrot

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Matt Mamrot

Head of HR, Situation Publishing

Matt is an experienced leader in Human Resources. Matt is originally from Poland living in London for 17 years. Matt has over 14 years of experience in the UK and globally, with a great number of projects successfully delivered within the UK and overseas.

Matt has worked in various HR roles over the years, specializing in the private sector and recently in the public sector for the NHS. Matt used his experience and hands-on approach to help people to develop and become more successful within the organizations, set up strategies, and bring efficient and effective programs on board to make sure that people within the organizations have the best possible tools and environment to achieve their goals and grow within the organization.

Matt led on a number of teams, and efficiently headed HR functions within many successful organizations across the UK. Matt holds BA in Sociology from the University of Westminster and an MSc in HR and is also CIPD certified.

Matt‘s aim is to create a People department operations where HR functions are seen as a core of the wellbeing and engagement of employees, and our values are shared and integrated into our organization.