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María Rodrígues

Associate Professor - Cuba Villa Clara Medical University

María de Los Ángeles is a passionate Health Education Researcher and Associate Professor who has been working in Cuba Villa Clara Medical University for more than 17 years. She has a Master’s degree in Medical Education and a Bachelor’s degree in the English Language. She earned the Cuban Medical Sciences Academic Award for her contribution to the development of Medical Education Investigation in 2013. María de Los Angeles is the Bilingual Academic Public Relations Medical University Representative and Interpreter in academic National and International Summit in Cuba. Also, she is a Specialist in Medical Terminology and a Translator. Furthermore, Maria is the Health Authority Executive for the implementation, and promotion of World Health Organization and Pan-American Health Organization online training courses on Moodle Platform. Her passion for teaching English for Professional Purposes had led her to contribute to the formation of different nationalities students coming to Cuba to study medical specialties.

Professor María de los Ángeles is a skillful academic public speaker and engager which makes her possible to interact with students and professionals from different cultures, embracing diversity and inclusion as core work values. Her expertise and proficiency as a trainer of human resources at different levels and Health Care Institutions has become her into Regional Chief Executive on English for Medical Purposes training courses, evaluating the language proficiency of post-graduated Cuban physicians to fulfill international missions in English speaking countries.

A philanthropist by nature, Professor Maria de Los Ángeles has worked as a volunteer in different communitarian campaigns to raise awareness on age vulnerable population groups to maintain healthy lifestyles, avoiding the unset and progression of chronic diseases, and maintaining a healthy mind. Through the years, she has been part of the Regional Health Commission to evaluate and manage psychological disorders and recovery after Natural Disasters and social health priorities as violence against individuals, gender discrimination, additions, abortion, and adolescent unwanted pregnancies.

Some of the International Training Certifications Professor María de Los Ángeles has recently fulfilled:

o Nursing Leadership: Empowering Nurses Leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean. (THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI. SCHOOL of NURSING &HEALTH STUDIES, OMS, PHO)

o Migration and Health: Enhancing Intercultural Competence and Diversity Sensitivity (World Health Organization)

o Engaging Communities in preventing suicide. (World Health Organization)

o Health and Peace: Concepts and tools for front line workers (World Health Organization)

o Introduction to UNICEF Core Commitments for Children in Humanitarian Action. (UNICEF)

o Web Accessibility Training (UNICEF)

o Basic E-Learning Course on Human Rights. (Pan-American Health Organization)

o Social Marketing for Public Health (Pan-American Health Organization)

o E-Health for Managers and Decision Takers. (Pan-American Health Organization)

o E-Protect Respiratory Infections. Health and Occupational Safety. (Pan-American Health Organization)

o Psychological First Aid in Disaster Management in the Caribbean. (Pan-American Health Organization)

As a researcher, Professor María de Los Ángeles has published to date nine articles in Medical Education National and International magazines.