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Maria Høier

Visionary Leader

Maria is a manifesting visionary aiming to bring emotional education and tools to build communities that promote life quality, support, and growth for individuals to thrive as part of a  bigger group in harmony with our planet. She believes strongly in compassion being the seed for this to happen. In her quest of doing so, she is exploring small, conscious communities on one of  Thailand’s tropical islands. She is witnessing entrepreneurs from all over the world coming together creating quality lifestyles whilst being eco-friendly and taking care of each other on an emotional, financial and practical level.

The island has a wide variety of healing modalities filled with intelligent, innovative, and resourceful people. She is interacting daily with community builders, learning and experiencing what it actually takes to create thriving, inclusive human ecosystems.

She wants to build the bridge and bring this into the corporate field so businesses can extract and apply to their workforce the essence arising from inspiration, curiosity, appreciation, synergy, and compassion.

Maria is a teaching holistic therapist qualified in eastern and western medicine, as well as clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, meditation and a variety of trauma-informed psychology and self-development modalities. Her mission is to raise awareness and facilitate transformative Emotional Education.

Her methodology is based on cultivating the inner world, with the aim to empower individuals in  group dynamics

She has co assisted and led several personal growth workshops and worked in clinics supporting throughout the years 1000s of people on their path to embrace their heart, purpose and awaken to their full potential. She believes the only way to transform, is by sharing and touching each other on an altruistic level with our personal realizations and also learning to relate and communicate through our felt sense.

Maria no longer talks about the gender gap, she now talks about mature development in all genders and how to share each other’s strengths and empower each other’s weaknesses.

She has dedicated her time to support leaders that contribute to our evolution through philanthropy combined with innovative technology.

In 2019, she co-wrote a paper to Davos suggesting the variables needed to support this development.