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Mahendra Singh

Founder & CEO, Benovymed Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Ambassador Mahendra Singh is a Visionary, Passionate, most Impactful Multifaceted serial DeepTech start-up’s HealthTech Entrepreneur in Digital Health AI Health & Telemedicine Innovator with strong experience of 30 Years in Clinical and Healthcare Business Management Globally including India.

  • He restlessly, sleeplessly, built( from Concept to Commercialisation )-

Created-Founded-Funded-Worked with serially 16 HealthTech Global Start-ups (Launched over 90 disruptive Innovative game Changer Technology) in Digital health | AI Health | Telemedicine | MedTech from scratch to Multi-Million $ from India to Global and  Global to India.

  • He is a World’s Top 30 most Impactful Global Business Leader, KOL, High Influencer in Digital Health, Deep AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation & a Strong Clinical Expert & HealthTech Startup Guru.
  • WHO Geneva Expert Member for Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation, WHO Geneva, Switzerland
  • Sr Advisor for Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation for advising and working with WHO Members countries with more than 30 Countries Governments & all stakeholders globally including India. Working in How to execute the Digital Health | AI Health Technologies in Public Health & Private Health in Non-Communicable Diseases & Communicable Diseases in every country local setting Globally
  • International Speaker | Eminent Panelist for Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation in Transforming Healthcare with various International Platform.
  • He is a true Digital Health Dr | AI Health Dr. | Telemedicine Dr. | Medical R&D Dr.
  • He is bringing his Domain Expertise in Medical R&D | AI Health R&D | Deep Science | Deep Technology | Deep Medical Technologies | Deep Domain Expertise in 360 degree areas of Healthcare in from deep Clinical side in more than 20 Medical Specialities from Disease Prevention to and to the Healthcare management, as a Business Leader Healthcare Business Management in Benovymed Healthcare with his 30 Years of strong experience and Contribution in creating Center of Excellence in more than 20 medical specialities driven by Digital HealthTech, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation ,MedTech, Medical Practices, Quality Health Delivery, Quality Treatment Outcomes .
  • He is an Global Impactful Influencer, Key Opinion Leader, National & International Speaker, National & International Policy Maker, strategic decision-maker & Think-Tank Leader in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine & MedTech Innovation & Board of Advisor to many Organisations Globally.