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Irina Schurov

Neuroscientist & Therapist LiveRight

Irina is a Nutritional Neuroscientist and Therapist with a Ph.D. from Cambridge University (UK) and over 20 years of experience in science and health providing services. She created and founded Liveright: an initiative to help others through nutrition and wellbeing strategies. By building an educational platform around healthy eating habits, by restoring the relationships between people and food, by supporting your individual circumstances, and through personalized coaching in nutrition, she wants to help you and your family achieve the optimal balance in life. She especially focuses on neurological conditions mental disorders by addressing the connection between gut and brain by detoxifying, nourishing, and resetting a whole-body biochemical balance. She is offering an individual DNA program and personalized nutritional support in order to achieve long-lasting positive changes.

She is a co-founder and an active member of the STARS association that offers support to families with neurodiverse children in Switzerland.