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Huzaifa Khorakiwala

Trustee & CEO - Wockhardt Foundation

An MBA from Yale University, USA, Dr. Huz (Huzaifa Khorakiwala) is the Executive Director of Wockhardt Limited and is part of the promoter family of the Wockhardt Group – a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare group. Dr. Huz is the CEO of Wockhardt Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that runs several programs in health, education, water, and sanitation across the country, benefitting & touching millions of lives every year. He is the Founder of “The World Peacekeepers Movement”, an online movement comprising of more than 2 million peacekeepers, forming the world’s 2nd largest army. It is based on the 7 Peace Values of gratitude, forgiveness, love, humility, giving, patience, and truth. For his contribution to society, he has received many prestigious awards (72 so far) & titles, one of the recent ones being – Knighthood – which was bestowed on him by the Ecumenical Medical-Humanitarian Order Knights of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Charity). He has also been bestowed with the Princehood Royal Title- ‘His Highness’ for preserving the wisdom and spirit of the kingdom of Panembahan Mempawah, Indonesia. He is the recipient of 13 Honorary Doctorates and two D.Litts.