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Grahame Grieve

FHIR Community Leader

Grahame Grieve is a health data scientist with 30 years of experience in healthcare, spanning laboratory science, clinical research, enterprise healthcare system development, national program architecture, data exchange standards development, and open source community development.

Grahame has spent the last decade building FHIR, which is both an open community dedicated to developing open and simple ways to exchange healthcare data between systems, and a technical standard published by HL7 ( which is the basis for most new work building integrated healthcare systems and processes.

As the community lead, Grahame’s interactions span the breadth of the healthcare system, from academic interests, including clinical trials and research, through working with vendors, providers, and government programs to dealing with politicians concerned with the future of healthcare system.

The systems that we know and fail to love around the world are based on institutions as the primary means by which healthcare is provided, funded, and the outcomes are assessed. Grahame’s long-term interest is in how to recast the healthcare system so that the individuals – patients, their families and carers, and the care providers – become the focus of the system, not the institutions that bind them. We’ll always need institutions, but they should serve the individuals.