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Graham Powell

Management Consultant - UK

Graham Powell is a management consultant with over forty years’ experience.

His pre-university career in computing and accountancy evolved into work within Human Resource Management, though now, in what is a rapidly evolving Knowledge-based Society, he specializes in creativity and innovation, so prefers to call himself a Positive Work Experience Nurturer.

Graham has worked extensively in England, Italy, Turkey, Malta and the United Arab Emirates, the latter being important because he enabled the psychometric assessment of ministerial leaders and young professionals. He also worked in Cairo alongside advisors to the president of Egypt, the great focus being on leadership development.

His career has attained prestigious accolades. In May 2000, Graham became a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Art, Manufactures and Commerce. He also won an academic award from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne for his research into communication and its adaptation within organizations.

Graham helped organize and realize the 12th Asia Pacific Conference on Giftedness in 2012, giving two workshops on creativity at the Dubai-based event. He also co-wrote the framework for the scientific programme and improved the e-guide for the event. He used his connections within the World Intelligence Network, his influence on the European Council for High Ability and his long-standing membership of British Mensa and Mensa International, to get many conference participants both ready and enthused about the conference.

After transferring to Malta in 2015, he was invested as a Knight Officer of the Order of Saint Stanislas, which occurred in recognition of his work benefitting the governance of nations.

Ever prodigious in his writing exploits, Graham has recently finished a novel about a teacher who travels the world reflecting on what the true purpose in life is. The adventure evolves, via the love of learning and the love of a woman, into the realization of what exploration in the world really means. It is an inspirational, poetic, and philosophical piece, and quintessentially an example of writing as Didactic Literature.

For his years of devoted service to the high IQ community, Graham was voted the World Genius Directory ‘Genius of the Year for Europe, 2022’, and in recognition of his noble work as a leader, in August 2022, Graham was created a Companion of the ‘Royal Circle of Francesco II di Borbone’.