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Fatme Al Anouti

Associate Professor Zayed University

Dr. Fatme Al Anouti is an Associate Professor at Zayed University Department of Natural Science and Public Health, Abu Dhabi, UAE. She served as the Assistant Dean of the College of Natural and Health Sciences for 6 years before dedicating focus to research. Dr. Al Anouti is a strong supporter of student research and had embraced capacity-building mentorship and providing solid research skills to Zayed University students throughout her career.

During her service, she was the first to propose the student digital badge system for service at Zayed University to value social responsibility and volunteering. She was acknowledged by UNESCO for her efforts in facilitating Cultural Student Excursions and by the Ministry of Education for coordinating the Ambassador Plus Program for successful summer placement of University students at top-ranking international universities including McGill and London School of Economics and Political Science.

Dr. Al Anouti has established a very strong network of collaborators over the years and her research findings from the UAE resulted in publishing the clinical guidelines for vitamin D. She was awarded the Abu Dhabi Medical Distinction Award for contributions to Public Health and Promotion. The awareness triggered by her research through public seminars and screening campaigns had resulted in a significant reduction in the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among the UAE population through the use of supplementation, sensible sun exposure, and food fortification.

During the pandemic, Dr. Al Anouti facilitated the volunteering of more than 200 students and alumni on the Contact Tracing Program and established the “Community Heroes in Action” lecture series to acknowledge the efforts of community heroes and raise awareness about Covid-19. Her latest research about the link between Vitamin D and Covid-19 severity had been acknowledged at both the national and international levels through conference proceedings and journal publications.