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David Jones

Principal and Marketing Director ETC International College

David Jones, BA (Hons) PG Dip, Dip RSA TEFLA

An international education and training specialist, David has worked as Director of Studies, Principal, and Marketing Director at various accredited training establishments in the UK and overseas. He has developed a sound understanding of academic management, quality assurance, stakeholder engagement, international marketing, and promotional activity – all relevant to the needs of Calibre and its clients.

He has over 30 years experience of working in academic management, including liaisons with external bodies, such as the British Council, the Home Office, the ISI, English UK, Investors in People, overseas sponsors, international embassies, governmental agencies, and other national and international organizations. His work has also involved the recruitment, training, and management of specialist staff plus the design of global marketing strategy and budgeting for operations in the UK and overseas.

He has represented various organizations, as well as two regional international education associations and the towns of Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole at International Fairs, trade shows, workshops, conferences, and training events worldwide. David co-founded Calibre, an internationally-orientated training, skills development, and employment-focused organization to help address specialist skills shortages in the medical, health, and social care sectors. Caliber comprises three allied companies that have joined together to deliver robust and appropriate training programs that help people to make the most of their prior knowledge, develop their skills, and raise their potential to answer the call for high-caliber staff in the modern workplace. Caliber focuses on quality outcomes, providing focused English language and specialist skills and sub-skills that are needed in the sectors, but also helps candidates integrate into the workforce and community, aiding with job satisfaction, staff retention, and therefore sustainable quality of care.

David Jones is responsible for client liaison and oversees the academic elements of the Calibre service, with a particular focus on English for special purposes. The Calibre Programme The specialist language + content + integration modules + job match + ongoing support program is the first of its kind in the UK, combining a specialist, dedicated English language program, supplemented by a targeted induction and cultural training program that helps candidates integrate smoothly into the UK workplace. The aim of the Calibre program is to achieve quality outcomes for all stakeholders: including the candidate, the employer, and the service user (patient) – and involving private and public sector partnerships.

The program helps medical and health/care service providers deliver enhanced levels of professional care, ensures greater staff retention, and improves continuity of provision. The specialist English language program provides candidates with the knowledge and skills that they will require to work safely, effectively, and efficiently in the UK Medical and Health / Care sector. Integrated vocational training leads to a UK-recognised Care Certificate.