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David Hollands

Founder Above and Beyond Normal LtdA

My past 49 years have been devoted to being an entrepreneur. From the early age of 14 with various pioneering ventures and businesses later found me at a crossroads in 1999 when I started a journey devoted to a new era of lifelong learning.

Since arriving at that crossroads in life I have been concentrated on designing and creating sustainable rural villages, it was during this time that Learning in the 22nd century, L22c  evolved. Creating a community where business and leisure, lifestyle, and learning mix refreshingly.  It was becoming clear that we have to make available and affordable lifelong learning to everyone. A new era of learning anything, anywhere, from anyone, of any age, at any time…

When the vision of L22c came to me I could clearly see a global community of like-minded individuals focussed on joining together their wisdom and vision with excitement and uncertainty to create new ‘choices’ for the future. With a 100 year plan that includes a 15 yr short term and 30-year medium-term my belief is that the future of learning will be like nothing, we have previously experienced.