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Catherine Vassiliou

Director of Community Engagement

Catherine Vassiliou is a journalist and TV presenter.

Her TV show Libro D Oro on Greek Television aired for 17 years.

She has a great passion for human health and Wellness and did extensive research on Traditional Medicine, during her time as a Professor at the National Greek School of Esthetics and Integrative Healing.

She interviewed and cooperated with the most well-known scientists in the Medical field of Greece and abroad.

Her studies and efforts in the Management of Health Clinics were the main drivers leading to the establishment of the Medical Unit for Wellness in Western Makedonia.

She is Counselling Psychologist, a specialist working on stress issues, using alternative medicine, methods and healthy lifestyle maintenance approaches.

She is an expert who believes in providing health education, natural ways of healing, coaching and confidential health assessments to people undergoing stress and health issues to help promote well-being and welfare.

Besides all her roles and assignments she also works for a long on Public Relations for big companies such as  Ajediam Diamond Co. of Antwerp in Belgium, Sabayiks Co. of  Precious Metals in Kuwait and Investments in  Greece.