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Arnold Schiemann

President Schiemann Associates

I began my professional career several decades ago after completing my university studies at the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, the USA in the mid-seventies. That decade witnessed major developments in Computer Science and electronics which have transformed the world in which we live. I had  the opportunity to study and worked with the ARPA network at the beginning of the Internet, and other emerging  fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Automatic Programming, Data Models, Simulation, Integrated Circuits, and  Human factors in automation,

I have worked at Top Management and IT strategy Consulting to large groups in Europe, the USA, and Mexico, line management as CIO and member of the board at one of the largest financial groups in Mexico, board member at several companies, and teaching at Business Schools in Spain, Mexico, and Colombia. For a while, I  was involved with startups regarding mobile payments and jobs offerings. A few years ago, I created a  company focused on Digital Transformation, RPA, which was later acquired by a leading company from the  UK, Symphony Ventures.

My international experience having worked in several countries across Europe, America and Latin America has given me a broad view of organizations.

I have always acted as a bridge between Information Technology and Business perspectives to support top management understandings of how IT can leverage business problem-solving. Recently, Digital  Transformation is widely becoming a part of the C-level agenda, thus the need to better understand the potential impact of technology tools and the requirements to better manage the human side for a successful journey.

Education Background 

MIT Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering

MIT Master of Science Computer Science

MIT Master of Science Electrical Engineering

Outstanding Professional Features 

  • Board Member of top banks in LATAM, Spanish Universities & Consulting start-ups • Principal and Vice President at Top Management Consulting: Booz Allen and Hamilton and AT  Kearney in Mexico, Madrid, Lisbon, and the USA.
  • CIO/CTO at Serfin Group Mexico (3rd largest bank in the region) today Santander. Managed a group of 2000 employees and introduced Internet-based tools in 1994 which were just becoming available. • Founded a Digital Transformation consulting company focused on RPA, later acquired by Symphony  Ventures a UK firm.
  • Advised the Engineering School at the University Regiomontana in Mexico in their transformation  journey
  • Several publications and interviews at major business newspapers in Spain, Mexico, USA, and  Colombia regarding Internet, Technology, Bank Mergers among other IT topics.


  • Colombian delegate to the World Youth Forum 1969, an award given to the best senior in the country with  29 delegates from the 5 continents.
  • As CIO of Serfín won the award from the World Bank Association to the most progressive bank in 1994 with several achievements in the IT infrastructure and Decision Support systems.
  • Awards for MVP as a top revenue-generating employee at past organizations, last one in 2019 • Innovation award in 2009 for creating the first “iPhone wallet” payment feature in Mexico.