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Andrew Jenkinson

Group CEO - Cybersecip

Andy is a senior and seasoned innovative executive with over 30 years of experience as a hands-on lateral thinking CEO coach and leader. A ‘big deal’ business accelerator and thinker, Andy has created and been responsible for delivering over £100M of projects within the Cyber, Technical, Risk, and Compliance markets with some of the world’s largest leading organizations. An inspirational leader and lateral thinker, Andy has a demonstrable track record of large-scale technical delivery and management within Professional Services, Managed Services, and Financial Services environments. Andy has extensive experience working at C-Level and is well known around the world for his strong business leadership, integrity, acumen, development, and change management.

Andy’s first book, published later this year, titled “Stuxnet to Sunburst, 20 years of digital exploitation and cyberwarfare” is a candid, practitioner’s view, and experience of how digital warfare over the last 20 years has shaped our world. It uncovers many unknown facts that the public has been totally unaware of, until now. Andy was one of the first, and possibly the only person, to uncover the plethora of insecure SolarWinds domains that were responsible for, and the root cause of the initial infiltration (Sunburst). Andy’s research was presented to the United States Senate Intelligence Committee overseeing the SolarWinds breach earlier this year.

Andy has just finished writing a second book on his experience and in-depth research of over 1000 companies over the last few years, all of whom have been victims of cyber and ransomware attacks. The book is titled “Ransomware and Cyberwar, the global economic shift”.

Andy has an uncanny ability to see things in a straight straightforward, no-nonsense manner and translates them into easily digestible chunks that can be addressed and remediated. His recall and real examples of cyber and ransomware attacks provide insights and why attacks occur, and more importantly, how to prevent them.

Last year Andy was featured in The Catholic News Agency article on his research of The Vatican breach as he unraveled and assisted The Vatican by identifying 82 out of their 85 domains, many capturing PII data and payments, were Not Secure. With 1.2 billion followers online, particularly during Covid-19 lockdowns, Andy may have uncovered the root cause for the world’s single largest online digital PII data breach to date.