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Rohit Rattan

Director Art for Humanity, HHERF

As an awarded and published Fine Art Photographer based in Dubai, my core work plays on contrast to induce a surreal and minimalistic world that surrounds us with a large portion of negative space to get people to see the power of photography and what remains unseen in this world of digital saturation. My photography reflects interests in varied forms of art and their endless variations, subjects created in my own very mind but also reflecting resilience hope and strength, absorbing the landscape and leaving in it the image of what my own soul brings together while the absence of colours accentuates the expressive power of the image itself whose interpretation becomes a medium of subtle yet artistic expression of solitude.

On course this journey of mine, I’ve gained motivation from moments shared, people met and experiences exchanged and this has made me lean towards creating visually compelling and persuasive images of expressing emotions and my voice through art, amplifying realities and using this as an opportunity to reflect a little harder, deeper, stronger, to contemplate and maybe feel inspired to take a step and make a change towards humanity – to signify the significance of the unstable, unseen and the uncertain.