Our Purpose

At HHERF, we work tirelessly to build a multi-sectoral sustainable community that acts for the greater good of human health. This community strives to harness collective wisdom through collaboration across borders. Our goal is to act as a catalyst for long-term change and be the driving force behind sustainable development. We have taken a commitment on ourselves to challenge barriers by eschewing bureaucracy and working across political and economic borders. Unity is our core value that drives our community forward without any consideration for ethnic, political, or religious believes. Being a not-for-profit, we are committed to full transparency and are solely guided by public interest. It’s our ambition to build and drive initiatives that positively impact human health.

Our Values

HHERF values are founded on the notion of building COMMUNITY. Our values are Collaboration, Opportunity, Mastery, Momentum, Unity, No-Bureaucracy, Impartiality, Transparency, Yield.

Our Vision

Becoming the voice of human health, creating resilience for future generations.

Our Mission

Building a Wold Integrated and Sustainable Health Eco-System by bringing multi-sectoral minds together.

Our Objectives

  • Build Public Awareness via demonstrating research outcomes and evidence base health knowledge.
  • Establish CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION to share information around human health in major languages.
  • Realise WISHES (World Integrated and Sustainable Health Eco-System).
  • Publicise and operationalise Research Excellence by establishing a global research community.
  • Develop a Global Preparedness Eco-system for future pandemics and disasters.
  • Establish Channels of Communication to share information around human health in major languages.
  • Use Prevention as a proactive tool to face health challenges and enhance health and well-being for all.
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