Our Philosophy

All ambitious plans start with a single step, with HHERF growing by the day. We have been humbled by the response to our organisation from senior doctors, scientists and business leaders from across the planet. These individuals and the institutions that they represent agree that something needs to change in the way we collaborate on global health issues. Indeed, Covid-19 has been a wake-up call and a chance for us to learn and reconsider how we live our lives and care for each other.

Since we are a non-profit organization and we believe that every human being deserves better health, our generated revenues are spent on education and research. First and foremost though, we are PEOPLE and we represent PEOPLE. We are committed to keeping the human at the centre of everything, and we do this through sustainable multi-sectoral collaboration. We believe none of us has a monopoly on expertise or creative ideas. That means we listen carefully to contributions and opinions from the diversity of our members and our members come from all walks of life.

Our members are volunteers since we believe it is a powerful way to benefit both societies and the volunteers themselves by enabling trust, solidarity, and reciprocity and by purposefully creating opportunities for participation.

HHERF volunteers are supported by a set of values founded on the notion of building COMMUNITY: Collaboration, Opportunity, Mastery, Momentum, Unity, No-bureaucracy, Impartiality, Transparency, Yield.

We have built our volunteering framework on two principles:

  • Every Contribution Counts (ECC): We value any contribution. Volunteers should contribute how much they want, the way they want. They are free to choose the tasks they like and set their own timeframes. The value of the contribution is not measured by its size, all contributions are valuable without exception.
  • SMART ADHERENCE: This means we respect volunteers’ communication preferences – both format and frequency.

When a volunteer approaches HHERF, they will be given the opportunity to register:

  • Their convenient mode of communication. E.g.: Email, Zoom, WhatsApp, voice messages.
  • The best time to contact them (specific time/day?)
  • Their preferred format of communication. E.g.: PDFs, PowerPoints, voice notes, brief email.
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