Waleed Sabet

Position: Chief Marketing Officer


Waleed Sabet is the Chief Marketing Officer at the Human Health Education and Research Foundation. Over more than two decades he was highly recognized as a Marketing guru in Pharmaceuticals Rx, OTC, Immunology, Biologics, and Generics in Middle East & Africa. With solid experience in the pharma industry, he has performed various marketing and sales leadership roles. Having studied and worked in different markets and various organizations with diversified cultures, he developed an insight into the need for organizational change.

Having a patient-centric approach, Waleed performed different Patient Awareness campaigns while working in various Multi-National Corporations like Novartis, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, and Synergy Pharma. He helped patients that were uninsured or faced reimbursement barriers by setting up a program that was the first partial payment initiative in the UAE. Enrolled patients pay for a certain number of treatment cycles each year according to their financial ability and receive the remaining treatment free of charge. The program currently reaches 2,000+ patients at more than 90 hospitals across the UAE, many of them entering their fifth year of enrollment. The initiative has increased product sales by an average of 20-50%

Waleed holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and an MBA from City University in Seattle. He presented at many regional and international healthcare congresses as a key speaker. In his leisure time, he volunteers for an Equestrian non-profit organization that provides alternative physical therapy with practical and vocational education to individuals with special needs. Students learn to ride, drive and work with horses to improve balance, increase muscle strength, learn horse and stable management and increase their confidence and independence.