Michelle Arrowsmith

Position: Senior Vice President
New Zealand


Michelle is an experienced leader in the healthcare sector. With over 25 years in healthcare across 3 countries, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. She has a good appreciation of different countries, their health systems and cultures, and the impact of these on the health outcomes of populations. Following her role as Deputy  Director-General of Health for System Performance and Infrastructure at the  Ministry of Health New Zealand, Michelle now supports the public sector, private companies, and health and care agencies in the delivery of healthcare and infrastructure across ANZ.  

Michelle originates from the UK with a clinical background, qualifying as a Dietitian and working for a number of years in clinical practice. Michelle has enjoyed the rewards of working as part of healthcare teams and in particular caring for people in their older years.  

Michelle has supported her professional body through Chair and Member of the  Scientific Programmes Committee and Council Member of the British Dietetic  Association and also has been and still is a strong advocate for Allied Health  Professions. She spent a number of years supporting AHP workforce initiatives in the  UK.  

Michelle has delivered in a number of senior health roles; from Dietetic and Therapy  Services Manager, Director of Operations, Chief Operating Officer, Deputy CEO, and  Deputy Director-General of Health demonstrating a breadth of experience from interacting with patients and the wider community; through staff and clinician leadership; operational and financial management, collaboration with partners integrating healthcare, infrastructure development, through to understanding machinery of government and working with Government Ministers. 

Michelle is committed to sound governance of healthcare systems and has worked on and to Boards through roles on the Council of the British Dietetic Association, the  Board of an NHS Foundation Trust in the UK, and has supported 20 District Health  Boards in New Zealand and their Chairs with Board development programs. She is also an Associate Member of the Institute of Directors New Zealand.  

Michelle holds a BSc Hons in Dietetics and is an Associate Fellow of the Australasian  College of Health Service Management.