The outbreak of COVID-19 has sparked a discussion about the state of global health. The pandemic was an enormous shock for governments, NGOs, administrative agencies, businesses, and professionals. It has resulted in a long-lasting impact on health systems, economies and societies. It is urgent now more than ever, that we rethink our actions and formulate proposals to be better prepared for the future.

The HHERF annual Human Health Summit (HHS) takes place in quarter four every year. It brings together stakeholders from a wide range of sectors that impact human health, to build a World Integrated, Sustainable Health Ecosystem (WISHES).

Human Health Summit - Not Just Another Virtual Meeting

The Human Health Summit (HHS) will be an innovative and informative international meeting place to consider the course of future human health. Eminent academics and researchers, clinicians, public health professionals, health care specialists, economists, scientists, policy makers, social workers, students and other related professionals from a wide range of industry sectors will come together to share their knowledge and experience. International, multi-disciplinary working groups and task forces will collaborate across six sectors: Health & Wellbeing, Knowledge & Education, Industry & Governments, Food & Poverty, Economy & Commerce, and Environment & Energy.

Summit and Beyond

The Human Health Summit  (HHS) is a one-of-a-kind summit focused on building a World Integrated, Sustainable Health Eco-System (WISHES) and bringing it to life by developing concrete actions to progress after the event. 

  • Speakers & Industry partners will have the opportunity to work on and join the journey by discussing topics and sponsoring initiatives that directly impact sustainable human health development.
  • The summit is the starting line for a race ahead to actualize the outcomes through multi-sectoral collaboration and influence.
  • The overall summit outcome will be a roadmap towards sustainable human health development and its legacy will continue year after year helping to deliver its resilience from concept to reality.

The progress of these workstreams will be reviewed and evaluated prior to the following annual summit.

The HHS is designed to be the first event with a unique focus on delivering improvements to current human health systems. The goal will be to reach a deep, scientific, and systematic understanding of current health challenges. The Human Health Summit 2021 will be held from 29th October to 1st November 2021, discussing the topic:

Covid-19 – Before, Now and After –Building a sustainable community for a healthier future.

For further information, on the Human Health Summit, please click here: Human Health Summit

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