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Our Story

Our People. Our Planet. Our Health

HHERF was born in troubling times. Amidst all the chaos and despair of COVID-19, a small group of passionate health leaders decided to change the world of health and care - the Human Health Education and Research Foundation (HHERF) was born. HHERF is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization bringing health and awareness to the top of global agendas in an equitable and holistic approach.
From Silos to Collaboration

The Human Health Summit is not just another conference

The Human Health Summit (HHS) will be a one-of-a-kind event that creates sustainable change. It provides a highly innovative, interactive, and result-oriented international environment where sponsors become partners in improving global health and investing in the future of humanity.

Highly relevant and timely discussions turn into real-life projects, led by expert task forces with clear intentions to produce actionable outcomes.
A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

We build a World Integrated, Sustainable Health Eco-System (WISHES) and bring it to life through focused action. We bring together leaders, experts and decision-makers from multiple sectors and countries to work collaboratively toward Universal Health Coverage.

3,000+ Years of collective, international multi-sectoral Experience!

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