Global preparedness

  • Develop a Global Preparedness Eco-System for future pandemics and disasters
  • Register a global index of countries’ measures for protecting the public with available supplies of PPE and other safety measures.
  • Develop fast track supply lines to scale key products and reduce the confusion around sudden global demand.
  • Share concerns of possible risk factors including and not limited to pathogens
    Activate WISHES networks to build a global early detection system to risk factors affecting human health.
  • Mobilize resources to tackle health challenges as early as possible.
  • Leading multi-sectoral workstreams focused on future preparedness and resilience.


  • Promote PREVENTION as a proactive tool to face health challenges and enhance health and well-being for all
  • Promote the concept of health prevention as being equally important to Healthcare.
  • Affiliate with stakeholders to consistently promote health and well-being
    Equip citizens to take responsibility for their own health and prevention of sickness.
  • Partner with the health insurance industry to foster a culture of prevention.