Research excellence

  • Publicize and operationalize impactful research by establishing a global scientific community.
  • Establish a global research community focusing on challenging health topics.
  • Foster links between scientists and clinicians with interest in similar fields.
  • Set up a research hub that connects sponsors with academic institutions to stimulate scientific progress in an efficient manner.
  • Be the driving force behind moving impactful research from concept to reality.

Education excellence

  • Elevate global health awareness and knowledge to shape a resilient future generation.
  • Establish a global education community.
  • Influence global education authorities to make human health part of their curricula
  • Educate people about the “One Planet One Health” concept.
  • Inspire people to act on the health of the planet.
  • Affiliate with academic institutions to build the capacity of future generations.
  • Eliminate myths and misinformation.